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Thursday, August 18, 2005. 5:49 pm
girls don't like boys girls like cars and money

That's true. Sometimes. I admit many women (and girls) are into fancy cars and money. They're shallow.  But so are a lot of men. I mean, if you want to spend that much money on a car, it's probably to go fast and look good. That makes you shallow, too. And contrary to popular belief, opposites don't attract all that often. We're usually drawn to people very much like ourselves.

Now, I admit I'm not a perfect feminist. I am sexist, which is something I'd like to get over -- it's a long process. But I accept the core meaning of feminism: equality among the sexes. We're all very different: male to female; individual to individual. But we're also all made of the same stuff. Blood, tissue, bone. And though some of us appear to lack a brain, we all have one. So why should any of us be treated negatively for being one sex or another? Why should all men be considered materialistic dogs and all women gold-digging sluts? They shouldn't right?  

So please understand me and don't take offense when I say, "You are an idiot if you look at me and assume that all I care about is what you drive and how much money you make just because I'm an atttractive young woman." Or, to put it in simpler words, "Fuck you, you predjuced asshole."

That was my main point but I want to add one more thing. All women do care, to some degree, about your wallet size. It's because we don't want to fully support you anymore than you want to support us.  No one wants to date someone who is deep in debt and always asking to borrow cash or expecting them to pick up the tab.

In my opinion: the best relationships include two financially independent people that go dutch or know how to say, "I'll get dinner if you get the movie."


J f Z
August 27, 2005   09:50 AM PDT
I think it's normal to be materialistic to a certain degree. Kids are pushed to do well in school. Why? So they can pursue a successful career. Why? So they can achieve a certain lifestyle.

So, basically, most people are pushed from a very early age to achieve, learn, and earn. It usually takes something major like a birth, an illness, or a death to make a person slow down and re-evaluate their priorities.
August 24, 2005   07:52 PM PDT
I'd like to challenge your assertion that all women care about wallet size. I'm not saying it's wrong, just that it says with a bludgeon what could be said with a chloroform-soaked handkerchief. A lot of women I know don't mind about wallet size at all, but they are concerned with pocket size. The richest man can have deep pockets, so deep that they'll never reach the money at the bottom.

Personally I'm not a materialist, but I do like the stuff.

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