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Wednesday, August 23, 2006. 8:03 pm
Hermits with busy social lives

I spend a lot of my time around people.  Hell, my job basically is people - keeping them happy, making small talk, conversating.  But it's all just an act.  I am a hermit with perfect form in social affectation.

I go through the motions - follow social cues, give all the right responses, smile, laugh and nod in all the appropriate places.  But not once, at any time during these interactions, do I honestly believe any of these people really knows, or has the slightest chance of actually understanding me.  Not for a second.

It doesn't bother me.  In fact - I like it.  I like coming home after work and reading for hours, or writing these pointless monotribes, or playing Oblivion on my Xbox 360 until I fall asleep.  I like not having to do all those silly little things for other people when I'm not at work or fulfilling public obligations with "freinds" (mere relics of something as arbitrary as personal history).

It's a silly world full of complex relationships and esoteric foibles and to be honest I now choose to have as little to do with it as possible.  I choose to seceed from the bulk of social reality.  I am only really me when there is no trace of you.  A hermit with a busy social life.

And I sometimes wonder how many of us there are...


August 30, 2006   09:41 PM PDT
Too many.

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