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Thursday, August 18, 2005. 4:16 pm

Marriage is weird. Yeah, weird. I know I'm going to make a lot of people angry by writing about this but that's not the point. My purpose is to get you to think about it. If you're married, you can tell me how great it is and how you'll never get divorced and life has its ups and downs but the 'married life' is worth it. That's what all Marrieds say -- until it falls apart. So please spare me that speech, I've heard it and part of me hopes you're right. But I strongly feel that you are wrong.  I won 't believe it, I just can't right now. So you're wondering why, why don't I believe in this marriage stuff?

It's a functional way of living: You have two incomes, not just the one; two people to raise the kid(s) if there are any; time is less strained; there's someone there, in theory, to help you when you're sick, feeling low, financially screwed, whatever else may come along; you have that secure feeling of forever; you don't have to worry about dating anymore; you can shave you legs less, you can burp and fart and be disgusting any time you want at home; you have your own family unit.


We all know marriage is more than that. It's also fighting and compromising and refusal to compromise and failure to meet expectations and coming across a whole new set of expectations from everyone outside your marriage and. . . and so much more. You're supposed to say 'we' not 'I'; you're always going to deal with the questions about why you aren't having kids, when you are having them, why you never had them, how many you have, how many went to college.  Moms are expected to be super social super moms who drive the kids around in their big SUVs and talk to other moms they barely know about soccer tryouts and butt blasters and thigh masters. Dads are expected to scare off boys, punish the littluns, be the authority. Even now, even now this whole nuclear family concept prevails. And less than half of the families in the U.S. are even modeled like this.

We have step families, gay families, fatherless families, motherless families, families with no parents at all, transgendered parents, couples who never plan on having kids, couples who can't adopt because they can't afford it, families that consist of one person and thirteen cats, families that have no blood relations whatsoever but an unshakeable bond.  

Some people call this change in the family structure a problem with society. We're morally corrupt and we've lost sight of "god" or we are just too selfish to stick to the rules. The rules. Because, when you get down to it, isn't marriage a set of rules?

I mean sure, you are declaring your love and committment to someone. You are going to make it last for the rest of your lives -- or at least that's the plan. Or maybe you just want to become a United States citizen, or just shut your mom and dad up about how you'll never get married, or you're doing it because you know it will help you financially. . . Yep, people get married for those reasons, too. It's not always romance.

(Are you starting to see why I have a problem with this? )

Let's talk about divorce for a second. About half, probably a lot more than half by now, of marriages in America result in divorce. Now, a lot of people think this is a terrible thing. But really, when you look at why a lot of people got married in the first place, it makes sense. And it's probably a good idea for the couple to part. Especially if they got married because she was pregnant, or because they fell in love at first sight and barely knew each other, or because one was just so upset and ready to leave unless there were a wedding to keep her there, or because they just felt they were together so long it was just time to take the plunge.  

I have this theory that if more people step back and seriously contemplate why they want to marry and who they want to marry, there would be a lot less divorce because a lot less people would marry for the wrong reasons. A lot less people would be disappointed in what they took home.

Now, that's the general "in a nut shell version" covering my views on marriage. There's a lot more. For example, why should I bother signing up for marriage when it still excludes same-sex couples? You'd think that the overwhelming numbers of same-sex families would make a difference in the legal definition of marriage. But it hasn't. People are  trying to change it but hey, look at all the opposition . . . from people who value the nuclear family above all else and grew up in a heterosexist society and never bothered to understand why people who aren't heterosexual would want to marry the loves of their lives and feel that secure safe feeling of having their own family, officially.

I can keep going, if you'd like.  


I don't know what it is but I keep meeting virgins. I don't have anything against virgins -- it's just so unusual.* I went several years only knowing people who gave it up quite a while ago. And suddenly, virgins! Virgins everywhere. I don't get it. Waiting, I mean. Some people refuse to have sex, even oral sex. Even when they're in a committed relationship. 

That's the confusing part.

Some people wait for religion, okay, I get it. You don't want to go to your hell, makes sense. Others are waiting for that super fantastically amazing special someone - that makes even more sense. And some people just can't get any (sucks to be you).

My main issue is with the people waiting for marriage. Go you, hooray for control and staying power. But what if you get married and then you find out you are sexually incompatible with your mate? What if you don't even fit (yes, literally) together?  Contrary to popular belief, sex is important in a marriage. It's a big chunk of intimacy, togetherness, et cetera. You don't want to end up with someone who has a completely different sex drive than you. I mean, what if you want to have sex four times a day and she wants it once a month (or less)? What if they can't have an orgasm unless you pee on them and you think that's just icky?

So here's  my advice to virgins over the age of 20: if you want to wait, wait.Wait until you think you've found the person you want to spend your life with if you have to,  but don't wait until your wedding night because if you don't believe in divorce you might be screwed (not necessarily literally).

*Back in grade school, virginity was the norm and people who had sex were big time sluts and total misfits. I love change.

Thursday, August 04, 2005. 7:07 am
Architecture - form, function or philosophy?

Think about it - architects define the physical reality almost all of us have lived in for hundreds if not thousands of years.  From the geometry of the spaces in which we live and work, to how we may move between these spaces of existence, to how we literally "see" the outside world through the shape and style of any given window.

Even those of us who attempt to seperate from modern society, with recreational trips into nature, soon find that the human condition neccessitates "design" of some sort - even if only in the most rudimentary of cabins, tents or outhouses.

How culturally pervasive is architecture exactly?  Was the period following the construction of the great Gothic Cathedrals dominated by the imposing presence of rampant catholocism?  Did the bleak functionality of the Industrial Age permeate that era with a certain greyness of the soul?  We're Art Deco and Modernist trends the result, or the cause, of mid-century cultural optimism for an emergent space age?

What themes are at work in your society today?  Is minimalism steralising your sense of morality?  Is feng-shui opening you up to alternative sciences and lifestyles (that's right, feng-shui makes you gay - you heard it here first folks!).  Are ever spiraling super structures and aerial towers making your city the urban equivalent of a sad old geezer trying to overcompensate for something?

Look around at the spaces in which you exist today and imagine what the nefarious forces of design and architecture are trying to do to your mind!

Monday, June 13, 2005. 7:13 pm

Just a quick sidenote: The production of this blog is on hold.  The current authors may continue to post, as I don't plan to take the site down yet.  However, you won't be seeing any action here on my part.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

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